In the press

Cross Media Cafe interview on personalised push at DPG Media

February 11, 2020. Mediaperspectives interviewed me, on camera, on personalised push at DPG Media.

Read and feed our algorithm

February 10, 2020. NRC. Menno van den Bos interviews prof. Helberger. I appear with a few worths on what we do with regards to personalisation at DPG media

Personalised news: matchmaker for online media or ethical minefield?

April 30th, 2019, Vrij Nederland. Interview by Rens Lieman among others Philippe Remarque, Daan Odijk and me.

Should Journalists fear for their future?

October 5th, 2018, Villamedia. Interview with Daan Odijk, David Graus, and me by Amanda Verdonk.

Users get what they’re looking for

September 10th, 2018Hoe steeds meer media hun aanbod personaliseren: de gebruiker krijgt wat hij zoekt.
I was interviewed by Sjors Hofstede about personalisation of news products.

They know exactly what your preferences are

February 8th, 2017, Zij weten precies wat jouw voorkeuren zijn
Rens Lieman interviewed me for NRC-Next.

Data science in Journalism

December 13th 2016Datawetenschap in de journalistiek: Zo berekent Blendle wat jij wil lezen
Catrien Spijkerman of Nieuwe Journalistiek interviewed me and Blendle’s chief editor Ties Joosten and wrote an excellent article about how Blendle combines algorithms for personalized recommendations with high-quality manual curation.