TREC OpenSearch proposal accepted ?>

TREC OpenSearch proposal accepted

Our TREC proposal for OpenSearch has been accepted! TREC OpenSearch will be run in a the same vein as CLEF LL4IR and use the same infrastructure. OpenSearch is a new evaluation paradigm for IR. The experimentation platform is an existing search engine. Researchers have the opportunity to replace components of this search engine and evaluate these components using interactions with real, unsuspecting users of this search engine. Read more on the TREC OpenSearch website.

Interview “VN De Oplossers” ?>

Interview “VN De Oplossers”

Over summer, an article in which I featured appeared in the Vrij Nederland (Dutch weekly magazine). The article is part of a series in which scientist are asked for solutions to a given problem. I was interviewed on how we can avoid the Google’s of our world to become too powerful. If you read Dutch, you can find the full article here:

Good news from ESF ELIAS ?>

Good news from ESF ELIAS

Our Living Labs  (LL4IR) initiative received good news from ESF ELIAS, we have been awarded two grants. Firstly, we received funding to host, develop and maintain our  LL4IR API.  So keep your ideas and bug reports coming in through our issue tracker. Stay tuned, things will be faster soon! Secondly, we will be able to (partially) cover travel expenses of participants of our CLEF2015 LL4IR Session. More info on that soon too.

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